Plenty of room for the whole family- and close to the beach!

Via Submission

From the host: “This crib is perfect for babies and/or adults pretending to be babies.”

From the host: “You should feel right at home here. But only if you are currently a patient in a mental hospital. Let me know if you need more towels! :)”

If you survive while sleeping upright in this telephone booth you just might have an excellent adventure. 

From the host: “The box spring can be used as a clothes rack or a stabbing bag, your choice.” 

Look, it’s a “Magic Eye” picture! Do you see the rapist?

Good thing it’s blurry so you can’t see all the pubes. 

I don’t need to see a photo of the room I am paying $50 a night for, but I DO need to see a photo of these vaguely Christian butterflies. (This is the listing’s ONLY PHOTO.) Luckily the listing is titled “Sleep in Country Peace, Nice Folks” so you KNOW it’s safe.

From the host: “This is not a cult. We promise! JOIN US.”

This cat is furious and will spend the whole night ranting “THEEES EEES NOT A HOTEL!”